At the November 2015 meeting we then held a vote on the nominees for new officers for two-year terms beginning on January 1, 2016. All nominees were approved unanimously. The officers-elect that were approved are as follows:

Chairman –                                   Shane Berry

President –                                    Bernie Gallagher

First Vice-President –               Richard Hall

Second Vice-President –         Kenneth Carberry

Secretary –                                    Brian Manning

Asst. Secretary –                         Patrick Whalen

Treasurer –                                   Thomas Kochanowski

Assistant Treasurer –                Kevin Walsh

Sergeant-at-Arms –                   Don O’Keefe

Trustees –                                     Patrick Whalen, Bill Wilson, Bob Junge

Webmaster –                                Dave Bolduc

Funding Committee –  Pat Barrett, Bill Healy, Shaun Conolly, Rich Bagstrom, Pat O’Neil 

Social Brother –                           Francis Gallagher

Bagpipers –                                    Brian Maurer, Fredrick Darcy

Ireland Ambassador –               Patrick O’Neil 

Past Presidents

Pat Whalen 2008-09 


Pat Barrett 2010-11

Pat B

Michael Darcy 2012-13


Shaun Connolly 2014 -15

shaun connolly